How Repairing Your Credit Works

Credit Cars These days if you’re wanting to get ahead financially your credit will play a major roll determine the outcome of that venture. Of course, money is a great asset to have but if your credit score isn’t right not one bank will consider giving you a loan. That is why Wyco Credit Counseling and repair of Bakersfield CA is here to help but we can’t make you take the first step you have to want this for yourself. Now depending on your credit score position will determine the amount of work it’s going to take to get you on the correct path to a higher score. If you’re curious about how all this works we prepared a guide to how our tried and true credit repair system works.

Allow Us To Help


First Step - Contact Us
Your first step is to give us a call or leave us your information on our website so we can set you up with a free consultation appointment. Wyco credit solutions are committed to helping you understand our process and see where you currently stand. All you have to is take the first step and get in contact with us.
Second Step - Credit Review & Establish A Strategy
Now that we have had our initial meeting it’s time to create an action plan that will best suit your needs. Everyone has a unique situation so we will tailor a credit repair plan that you can benefit from. Damaged credit is not the end of the world and thankfully it’s fixable. Of course, before we dive into a strategy we need to understand what is holding you back from obtaining a higher credit score. The best thing to do first is check to see where your score currently sits. It’s really not that difficult to significantly lower a score. We all have situations in life that just happen and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Life happens whether you went through a divorce, lost a home to the banks, missed some payments, or have debt collections but the important part is that you are taking action to repair your credit. Once we have a better understanding of your credit and have thoroughly analyzed all factors keeping your score down we then implement a strategy to fix the problem.
Third Step - Debt Management
As we are working with debt collectors, banks, and whoever else we need to negotiate with to get your credit back on track there are things we will need you to do as well. Depending on your situation we will advise our clients to sign up for a secured credit card, pay off student loans if possible, and pay down any current balances. We also educate you the best we can so you understand what it takes to maintain excellent credit. Comprehending why your credit was damaged in the first place is more than half the battle.

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